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Hawaii Area Treasurer

Aloha Hawaii Area GRs,

Just a note on the proposed budget:


Each year the Hawaii Area World Service Committee presents the projected budget for the up-coming year at the Fall Assembly.  Those attending the Assembly will vote on the proposed budget.  The Area Treasurer first prepares the budget, both projected income and expenses, six weeks prior to the Area Committee Meeting in August.  The Treasurer then meets with the Budget Committee to review the budget, line-by-line, in order to come to an agreement on every item and figure.  The projected budget is then posted on the HAWSC website for all members of the Area Committee (Area Officers, Coordinators, and all District Representatives) to review.  The Area Committee then reviews the projected budget at their meeting in August.  Any suggestions and adjustments are made prior to the Fall Assembly.  The DRs then make this budget available to all the Group Representatives, who in turn present it to their groups. 


By the time this budget is presented at the Fall Assembly for approval, it has gone through a rigorous examination.  The Treasurer then presents it at the Assembly, once again going through it line-by-line, before asking for a vote of approval.  Keep in mind all figures are carefully estimated based on actual past figures and any expected income and expenses.  Please do review the budget before the Fall Assembly and ask your DR to explain any questions you may have.


Mahalo for your time,


Akemi K.

Hawaii Area Treasurer

Panel 61

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