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Hawaii Area Vision, Mission, and Goals


Enhance the recovery of our membership ‘ohana and carry the message of Al-Anon /Alateen to all
people of Hawai’i affected by the family disease of alcoholism.

Surfing Friends
Mother and Son


Al-Anon/Alateen Hawai’i reflects our diverse communities and is a trusted source of help and hope for people affected by someone else’s drinking, assuring access to abundant resources.

Online Meeting
Yoga on the Beach


1. Strengthen the Hawai’i fellowship by providing the information and resources needed for all Al-Anon /Alateen members to thrive, grow, and increase capacity to best reach out to all people who are affected by someone else’s drinking.

2. Expand our modes of communication to reach an audience that represents the population of Hawaiʻi

3. Use technology to attract new members to Al-Anon /Alateen and to encourage service.

4. Become financially self-supporting at the levels of Groups, Districts, Area, and World Service.

5. Grow our Alateen program and engage Alateens in our Area service structure.

6. Enhance support for AMIAS by creating a Hawai’i Area AMIAS training program.

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