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Hawaii Area Vision, Mission, and Goals


Reach inward to our ohana membership, reach outward to people still suffering, and broaden our communication bandwidth.

Surfing Friends
Mother and Son


All people of Hawaii have access to welcoming and vibrant Al–Anon Family Groups in their neighborhood and online.

Online Meeting
Yoga on the Beach


1. Strengthen Hawaii fellowship by providing the information and resources needed for all Al–Anon members to thrive, grow, and increase capacity to best reach out to all people who are affected by someone else’s drinking.

2. Define our evolving communication needs through informed group conscience.

3. Encourage the districts to create plans, working with individual members and public outreach coordinators, to attract diverse populations.

4. Use technology to attract new members to Al-Anon and to encourage service.

5. Assure Panel 61 members will become skilled practitioners of KBDM - knowledge-Based Decision-Making.

6.Grow our Alateen program, enhance support for AMIAS, and engage Alateens in our Area service structure.

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